RCU Railcar Unloading System

15-75 Hp (11-56 kW)

Railcar unloading systems and storage silos are an integral part of any large materials conveying system. Piping, loading and manifold systems are required to complete a rail car unloading system. Standard and custom configurations are available to accommodates the needs of your plant material handling system and budget.

  • Powerful Push-Pull Systems
  • Continuous Automatic Operation
  • Single end Dual Blower Models
  • Designed for Your Application
  • 2.5" through 4.0" (65-100mm) schedule 10 line size
  • Skid mounted pump(s), cyclone with rotary airlock and controls
  • NEMA 12 controls with disconnect
  • Out Door Paint & Nema 4 Controls Available
  • 2-Year Warranty