• The Importance of Valves and Accessories for Plastics Conveying Systems

    No selection of Plastics Auxiliary Equipment for Plastics Conveying Systems is complete without a wide array of valves and accessories

  • EPV External Proportioning Valve
    Inlet/Outlet O.D. 1.5” - 4” (3.9 - 100 mm)

    External proportioning valves are used as a material line selector at the receiver inlet, typically in regrind proportioning applications. The EPV can also be used for purging material lines to prevent build-up and plugging of the material lines.

    • Durable Construction
    • Easy-View of Interior
    • Easy Access
    • High Temperature Applications

  • Machine Hopper Assemblies
    8 to 38 lb. (3.6 to-18.8 kg) Capacity

    These multi-purpose hoppers can be mounted on feeder machine adapters or directly on machine throats.

    • Clear View of Material Level
    • Loader-Ready Lid
    • Clean-Out Door
    • Feed Throat Adapter
    • Discharge Slide Gate

  • Vacuum Purge Take-Off
    VPT Series 1.5" - 2.5" (38-65 mm)

    Combination take-off box/purge valve is mounted below a drying hopper or other material storage vessel and allows conveying followed by line clearing with ambient or dry air.

    • Stainless steel construction for years of trouble-free service.
    • Dual Mounting Plate allows installation on a 4.75" or 6" bolt pattern.
    • Tool-free safe draining and clean out.
    • Adjustable stroke purge valve cylinder for optimizing operation.
    • Fixed conveying air supply port simplifies dry air supply line installation.
    • Internal screen on conveying air inlet prevents pellet dribble or ingestion of contaminants during vacuum.

  • ELV External Line Valve
    Inlet/Outlet O.D. 1.5” - 4” (3.9 - 100mm)

    Provides in-line control of vacuum material flow. ELV is used as a positive vacuum seal at the receiver inlet when not moving material, typically in common material line conveying systems.

    • Equipped with pneumatic cylinder and solenoid
    • Flow through design includes coupler
    • Positive In-Line Seal at the Receiver Inlet

  • DSV Series Discharge Selection Valve
    For Closed Loop Conveying (Includes Coupler)

    The DSV provides return air conveying from the pump outlet, with pressure relief, back into a closed loop dry air conveying system.

    • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
    • Air-actuated Positive Sealing Disc(s)
    • Suitable for High-temp Applications

  • CLR Closed Loop Relief Vent
    Used in Closed Loop Conveying

    The CLR provides pressure relief in a closed loop conveying system.

    • Install near take-off devices in a closed loop system.
    • Install one per row of take-offs that share a common closed loop manifold.

  • SV Station T Sequencing Valve
    Inlet/Outlet O.D. 1.5" - 4” (38-100mm)

    One Station T valve is used with a VR Series receiver in a Central Conveying System to provide vacuum sequencing with other system stations.

    • Retains Systems Vacuum Pressure, even if receiver is disconnected
    • Exposed Cylinder Rod to indicate proper operation
    • Remote Mounted Between Station and Vacuum Header

  • VPV Vacuum Purge Valve
    Outlet O.D 1.5"- 2.5" (25 - 65mm)

    Combination take-off box/purge valve allows conveying and line clearing with ambient or dry air.

    • All Stainless Construction
    • Material Outlet Elbow Rotates 360°
    • Dual Mounting Plate
    • Tool-free, Safe Draining and Cleanout
    • Adjustable-Stroke Purge Valve Cylinder
    • Fixed Conveying Air Supply Port
    • 20 Mesh Internal Screen On Conveying Air Inlet

  • VTB Series Vacuum Take-Off Box
    Provides a connection for vacuum conveying from a drying hopper, surge bin or other material vessel.

    The VTB Series Vacuum Take-Off Boxes (except VTB-14) are equipped with one or more cartridge filters providing air inside the box for conveying. Standard probes allow hard-plumbing directly to stationary conveying lines, eliminating the need for flex hose.

    • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Construction (Aluminum for VTB-14)
    • Easy Cleanout
    • Ambient or Dry Air Conveying
    • Standard and Dry Air Probes
    • Choose Number of Positions and Line Size
    • Silo/Surge Bin Model

  • Lance
    O.D. 1.5" - 4” (40-100mm)

    Suction lances remove bulk material from containers and gaylords for conveying.

    • Tube in Tube Venture Pick-Up
    • Adjustable Air-Flow for Desired Conveying
    • Consistant Long-Distance Conveying

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