CDA2 Central Drying Assemblies with 5-Year Warranty

60 to 2500lb (27kg – 1136kg)

The CDA2 Series Central Drying Assemblies are used to custom-dry different resins in varying quantities. Each unit includes a Hopper, Stand with 24” clearance, Heater/Blower and Control Package to assure balanced system airflow. They can be controlled at the hopper or from a Central Dryer control.

  • Standard OverDry Protection /Energy Saving Package for resins like nylon
  • Optional Control Module Provides Control of up to 16 CDA2 units from Central Dryer
  • Completely Assembled for Easy Installation
  • Well-Equipped Insulated Hoppers
  • Process Temperature up to 350° F.
  • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Large Clean-Out Door with Elongated Sight Glass
  • Slide Gate Discharge Valve
  • Low Airflow Switch
  • Solid-State Contacts and Mechanical Safety on Booster Blower and Heater