NovaWheel™ Series Portable Dry/Convey Package

Model: NW-25-DC-NC

The NovaWheel™ Portable Dry/Convey package comes complete with an energy efficient NovaWheel™ dryer and portable conveying package for mobile drying on demand. The conveying package includes hopper, vacuum receiver and stand with 5" casters. It features a simple to use, 5.7" color touch screen control with intuitive icons for easy set-up, access and operation. CHECK OUT THE NEW NWB-DC AND DC+ SERIES BELOW!

  • Standard Color Touch Screen Control
  • Monitor and Control all Drying & Conveying Parameters
  • Standard Three Phase Detection
  • Intelligent Regeneration
  • Sensible, Energy-Saving Design
  • -40° Dew point guaranteed
  • Dew point sensor for process air
  • Pre-cooler (Return air)
  • Open access to all components
  • Stand Mount with 5" Casters
  • Process temperatures up to 350°F (177°C) with interlock to heaters
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Low Temp Configuration for 170ºF or less Available.
  • Available for Quick Ship