• IRD Infrared PET Crystallizer/ Dryer
    180 to 4,000 lb/hr (82 to 1800 kg/hr)

    NOVATEC Infrared Rotary Drum Crystallizing/Drying Systems is ideal for processors of PET thin film or sheet using post-industrial and post-consumer regrind or processors of polyester fiber. Crystallize and Dry in a One-Step process in under an hour!

    • One Step Process
    • One Hour From Over 3500 ppm to Less Than 50 ppm
    • Energy Savings Up to 45%
    • Up to 300% Space Savings

  • CCR Series PET Crystallizer System
    4.5 - 182 cu. ft. (127-5180 liters)

    CCR Series Crystallizers provide trouble-free conversion of amorphous PET resin into a crystallized form, in preparation for drying.

    • Reliable Material Flow Throughout the Crystallization Process
    • Bridging & Agglomeration Prevention
    • Multiple Sight Glasses on Hopper for Visual Confirmation of Process
    • High/ Low Level Sensors Prevent Over-Fill and Low Material Levels
    • Hinged Hopper Door with Safety Interlocks
    • NovaTouch™ PLC Control in NEMA 12 Enclosure

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