NovaDrier™ Medical NDM-5 Membrane Resin Dryer

1-5 lb./hr (.45-2.2 kg/hr.)

The NovaDrier is the most popular small resin dryer on the market and proven to dry ALL thermoplastic resins. With no moving parts maintenance is minimal and conventional compressed air dryers can’t match the drying performance as they never attain a -40° dew point and use up to 3X as much compressed air as the NovaDrier. Desiccant bed dryers can’t match the low-maintenance reliability

  • Desiccant-free Membrane Drying of ALL Resins
  • Package Includes 12' Pendant, Microprocessor Control, Dewpoint Meter, 20 lb. Stainless Steel Hopper and HEPA Filter
  • No Moving Parts
  • Machine Mount Operation
  • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Easily Removed/Replaced Hopper