About MoistureMaster

MoistureMaster Under Medical Dryer

MoistureMaster Under Medical Dryer

The MoistureMaster™ accurately displays the actual moisture content of plastic pellets, flake or regrind, in % or PPM (parts per million). MoistureMaster™ sensors can be retrofitted to virtually any drying hopper (regardless of manufacturer), silo, material line or machine throat and the moisture analysis is displayed on a color touch screen control which can display data for up to four hoppers.  Trending screens are standard on the controls and options are available to divert or re-circulate material that is not within your dryness specifications.

MoistureMaster™ Features

  • Automatically measure pellet moisture content
  • Slide Gate option diverts “out-of-spec” material from production process
  • Standard PLC color touchscreen control displays pellet moisture as a percentage or parts per million (ppm)
  • Standard Network connection allows your PC to capture pellet moisture data and trending
  • Includes up to 100 resin recipes in PLC memory

How It Works

MoistureMaster™ On-line, Real Time Moisture Sensing Technology is based on capacitance and dielectric constants of resins and water. This technology has been used very successfully for nearly 50 years in the grain, pharmaceutical and food industries to measure moisture content. The MoistureMaster™ uses AC current, but it is quite different from the familiar 60Hz household current. The frequency that MoistureMaster™ uses is upwards of 1,000,000 Hz giving us a significantly higher number of samples. Knowing the dielectric constant of a given resin and/or additive gives us a way to then map those readings against the known capacitance constant of water. By using sophisticated, built-in PLC controls we can utilize data to calculate the actual moisture content of a resin as it is passes through the MoistureMaster™ sensor.

How many lost hours and money did your company experience last year from bad product due to undesirable resin moisture levels? Whether it was simple regrind material that was under dried, or worse, unusable molds and lost material due to brittle nylons, discoloration, splaying, bubbling, or streaking from over drying; all these are a thing of the past when you integrate MoistureMaster™ into your process. Now you can fine tune your setup to make sure you are putting out a higher quality and more consistent product and ultimately improve your bottom line.

By implementing MoistureMaster™ you will eliminate the need for Offline Moisture Analyzers, such as Aboni, Sartorious, Arizona Instruments and the Karl Fischer method. MoistureMaster™ will save money, time and prevent negative results due to inconsistencies and human error. Offline Moisture Analyzers utilize a sample size that is too small to be a true representation and is ineffective at preventing bad product because the product has already been produced by the time the test is done.

Instead of relying on a 10 gram sample to represent an entire hopper full of resin, wouldn’t it be more practical and efficient if you knew the moisture content of all the resin coming out of your hopper, going into your machine or even at the hopper inlet so you can adjust drying times based on moisture content before you dry? MoistureMaster™ gives you all these options and more.

Even better, if you run a 7/24 production line, MoistureMaster™ has a network ready software option so you can store all the trending data on your server and keep it accessible should you ever need it for an internal audit or to put a customer’s mind at ease about product quality.

Ask us today how MoistureMaster™ can improve your process, end product and improve your overall customer satisfaction!

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