Use of Vacuum Loaders

GS Loader straight

Novatec GSL

Self-contained Vacuum Loaders are called by several names. They may be called
Loaders, Hopper Loaders, Bin loaders, Plastics Loaders, Pellet Loaders, Regrind
Loaders, Powder Loaders or Motor Loaders. They are used for conveying plastics
materials. They all have an integral motor that creates a vacuum to convey plastic resin
(in some form) from a nearby bulk container something like a drying hopper or blender
bin. The pickup of the plastic material is usually accomplished by an aluminum or
stainless steel tube, called a pickup wand, which is connected to a relatively short piece
of flex hose attached to the vacuum loader. A small electro-mechanical control, usually
ate the end of a pendant is set to manage load time, dump time and blowback (if that
option is available). The loader motors may be of a brush type or “brushless”. The
brushes only last about 350 hours, so they have to be changed (additional
maintenance) and after about 4 brush changes, the commutator is usually worn out so
the whole motor has to be replaced. As the several monikers for loaders imply, they are
used to convey plastic pellets, plastic powders and plastic regrind.