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The Only Resin Dryer with a Lifetime Desiccant Warranty!

Featuring the FiberMax™ Desiccating Membrane with Dual Flow Technology

  • Zero Maintenance
  • No Moving Parts
  • No Desiccant Dust Ever
  • 5-Year Machine Warranty
  • Lifetime Desiccant Warranty!

See How Our Patented Dual Flow Technology Works


More Filaments = Superior Drying Performance

  • Guaranteed Peak Performance in all Climates
  • Unparalleled Energy Efficiency
  • Achieves Ultra-Low Dewpoints
  • Consistent, Superior Drying that Other Dryer’s Can’t Match

Maximize Savings with Superior Energy Efficiency

  • Patented Dual Flow technology slashes compressed air consumption
  • Low operating pressure achieves full capacity at just 80psi
  • Uses 1/3rd of the compressed air of traditional & add-on membrane dryers

DryerGenie-Ready for AI-Powered ‘Smart’ Drying

  • Guarantees Perfectly Dried Resin
  • In the Shortest Amount of Time
  • Using the Least Amount of Energy

Easy-To-Use PLC Touchscreen

  • Featuring a PLC-based control with a color touchscreen
  • Enhanced connectivity allows seamless interfacing with Novatec systems and many third-party platforms

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