Novatec and Steve Sickles Team to Bring You the Most Advanced Line of Downstream Extrusion Equipment on the Market!

Steve Sickles

Steve Sickles

      Steve brings almost 35 years of downstream machinery experience to Novatec, beginning with Gatto Machinery in 1979.  Time has offered Steve knowledge and expertise in the design and precision manufacture of machinery for the pipe, tubing and profile segments of the extrusion market. Whether you require a standard machinery design, or customization for your specific process, we can assist you with all your downstream extrusion machinery needs.

Extruders can be used to create a wide variety of usable products by shaping various materials with precision measurement equipment from Eley Metrology to manufacture various pieces and so much more.

For many industries, catalyst extruder machines are used to create catalysts such as high aluminas, gels, kaolin carriers, molecular sieves and more. Whether your company requires minute pellets, solid rods, unsupported rings or another catalyst configuration, Bonnot has the extruder that can get the job done.

Rubber bales can also be extruded for a variety of purposes. For instance, rubber extruders can create extruded hydrogels, which are used to create everything from contact lenses to replacement cartilage. A rubber extruder from The Bonnot Company can break down the large, tacky bales without the use of talc or special chemicals.

     “Novatec has a fantastic manufacturing environment for traditional upstream products and now the new standard downstream product line.  I am excited to team up with Novatec to enhance the development of their downstream extrusion equipment line.  Together, we will continually seek to improve and expand the standard product lines while still working closely with customers requiring custom downstream process configurations.”    

-Steve Sickles