CL Silo Manager

CL Silo Manager for up to 12 silos

The CL silo manager utilizes a Siemens LOGO! PLC monitors the fill levels of between four and twelve aggregate-filled silos using BinMaster ultrasonic sensors which properly calculate angles of repose and drainage. These values are graphically shown on a 4” color HMI mounted on the control box for the plant operators’ use. High and low level alarm set points can be entered from the HMI on a global basis.

  • Monitors up to 12 silos
  • 4" Color touchscreen interface
  • multiple parameters can be set by operator
  • Alarm history available for up to 12 silos
  • BinMaster ultrasonic sensors transmit percentage of fill for each silo to the PLC through a LOGO!
  • 24 VDC, 2.5A Siemens LOGO! power supply is included
  • 115/1/50-60 VAC standard
  • 230 VAC optional
  • 5-Year warranty for lowest cost of ownership