AL-B Drum/Barrel Loader

Transfers up to 500 lb./hr.

This Drum Loader can be used to evacuate material from a granulator, surge bin or bulk box for storage. The drum can be transferred to a different point of use, or the arriving material can be simultaneously transferred to a process machine or blender, using a wand and vacuum loader.

  • Quiet-operating air loader moves material efficiently from one container to another
  • Accommodates barrels up to 38" H x 25" dia.
  • Use standard ON/OFF control or optional timer
  • Prox type demand sensor can be used at the barrel to stop loading when full
  • Adjustable air amplifier allows fine-tuning of material flow rate.
  • Add optional pick-up wand, flex hose and vacuum loader to transfer material from drum to process machine or blender
  • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership