Filterless Vacuum Receivers and Filterless Vacuum Receivers with Hinged Lid

VR-FL Series: 12-114 lb capacities (5.4-52 Kg) VRH-FL Series 12-76 lb capacities (5.4-34.5 Kg)

NOVATEC filterless vacuum receivers are available with standard, removeable lids. These are used with separate Station T valves. The filterless VRH models have hinged lids with a built-in station valve to separate the material from the air flow.

  • Use cyclonic action to separate material from the airstream
  • No more filter cleaning or replacement
  • Stainless steel body is scratch resistant and non ferrous
  • Modular design for quick clean out when changing materials
  • Tangential material inlet reduces material degradation
  • Dump valve with integrated level switch
  • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • VRH-FL includes sequencing valve on hinged lid plus local ON/OFF switch
  • Inlet/outlet diameters of 1.5 - 4" (40-100 mm)
  • 24 VDC or 115 VAC control bvoltage

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