NovaWheel™ NWB-HC-Plus and NWB-HC Portable Dryer/Hopper Packages with 5-Year Warranty on ALL models for Lowest Cost of ownership.

25-300 lb/hr (11-136 Kg/hr)

Standard Touch Screen PLC Control and Standard Dryer Features That Others Call Options! Add a vacuum loader to this portable dryer/hopper combination and mate it to your existing system with the assurance that you can dry any resin efficiently. The NWB-HC-PLUS models include a 7-inch, high-resolution, color, touch-screen PLC with advanced features like OverDry Protection, photo-assisted diagnostics, trending and data logging. If you just need a basic Portable Dryer/Hopper model, choose the NWB-HC with a 4-inch color touch screen PLC without the advanced features. All models have a 5-year warranty for the lowest cost of ownership.

  • HC-PLUS Model Includes a 7" High Resolution Color Touch Screen PLC
  • OverDry Protection for Nylon and Other Moisture-Sensitive Materials
  • Intuitive Control and Diagnostics Guide Complete With Photos on the Touch Screen
  • Smart Ethernet Connection with Data Logging and Trending
  • Intelligent Regeneration Minimizes Energy Usage
  • Standard 3-Phase Detection
  • Auto STOP/START Timer For Any Combination of Hours/Day or Days per Week
  • Dew Point Analyzer With Indication Alarm
  • Red/Green Alarm Light
  • The -HC Model has a 4"color Touch Screen PLC, with OverDry Protection as an Option and Diagnostics in Words Without Photos
  • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership on ALL Models
  • Automatic Monitoring and Alarm of Dryer Filter Condition
  • High Efficiency Stainless Steel Hopper
  • Cooling Coil With Plasticizer Drain For Drying Above 225°F
  • Stand Mount With 5" Casters for Mobility