Machine Mount Desiccant Dryers

AHM Series: 2-Desiccant Bed Design with Throughputs from *15-60 lb./hr. ( 7-27 kg/hr.) HPHM Series: 4-Desiccant Bed Design with Throughputs from *40-60 lb./hr.( 18-27 kg/hr.)

These desiccant bed dryers save valuable floor space by combining the dryer with the hopper to mount on the throat of injection or extrusion machines.

  • Energy efficiency that meets or exceeds that of any other type of dryer
  • Press / Extruder Mounted Dryers Free up floor valuable floor space
  • Two or Four desiccant bed designs
  • Single Blower Design for both process and regeneration.
  • Regeneration based on ambient conditions – prevents temperature spikes.
  • Simple Controls – High temp alarm & shutdown – Cycle Status – Open Thermocouple detection – Closed loop control of valve position
  • Below -40°F Dew Point
  • Warranty: 5 years on control, 1 year on non-maintenance parts