NDB Series Dual Bed Desiccant Dryer Now With 5-Year Warranty

100-3800 lb/hr (45-1725 kg/hr)

The NDB Series Dual-Bed Dryer technology includes separate heaters and blowers for process and regeneration cycles. A pair of heavy duty, expertly engineered electrical 4-way valves to direct air flow through the dryer for material drying and desiccant regeneration. The NDB-750 model and up feature a hopper-mounted process heater.

  • Use as a Stand-Alone Dryer or in a Central Drying Configuration
  • Heavy Duty, Reliable 4-Way Valves
  • Cyclonic, 2-Stage Process Filter
  • Over-Temp Switch and Alarm to Guard Against Excessive Temperatures
  • Electromechanical Control - Standard
  • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Separate Process and Regeneration Filters
  • Tubular Incoloy ® Sheath Heaters
  • Easy Access, Open Frame Design for Ease of Maintenance
  • NovaTouch™ Touch Panel Siemens PLC Control