PDll Portable 4-Bed Plastics Dryers

PDll Series Dryers with 2 hoppers from 10-300 lb. capacities

These 4-bed desiccant dryers efficiently dry two materials at different temperatures and feed them to 2 different presses or to a single co-injection or co-extrusion process. New 7” color touch screen control is standard on all PPDll dryers.

  • Typically used where there are frequent material changes
  • Ideal for 2-shot, 2-color presses and extruders
  • Can convey materials to 2 different presses
  • Includes temperature setback to prevent over-drying
  • Includes 7" color touch screen comtrol
  • Open floor space by drying 2 materials with on dryer
  • Automatic airflow control to hoppers
  • Includes portable cart, casters, vacuum takeoff boxes, 2 hoppers with booster heaters.
  • Warranty: 5 years on control; 3 years on valve and 1 year on non-maintenance components