NovaDrier™ Membrane Resin Dryer

7-200 lb/hr (3-90 kg/hr)

The patented, exclusive air flow design and proprietary membrane guarantees -40° dew point process air year round and uses 1/3 the compressed air of comparable, similar models.

  • Constant -40° Dew Point Process Air
  • Uses Less Compressed Air Than Conventional Compressed Air Dryers or Add-On Membrane Models
  • Desiccant Free Operation
  • New, Easy-To-Use Control
  • -25 and up are also available as Portable Dry/Convey models complete with machine mount receiver, hopper loader hose, pick-up wand, stand and casters.
  • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • No Refrigerated or Pre-Dried Air required, Works with any Source of Compressed Air
  • Energy Saver Standard on ND-100 through ND-200
  • Standard process temperature 350°F. (177°C)