NDN Series NITROdry Nitrogen Dryers 7-50 lb/hr capacity (3-23 Kg/hr)

The patented NITROdry resin dryer provides processors with a new, oxygen-free tool to avoid degradation of nylons, PBT, PLA and TPU’s that is the result of prolonged exposure to heat in the presence of oxygen. The first, self-contained, oxygen-free dryer is ideal for press-side drying of newly designed polymers with unique properties. These materials can suffer degradation of performance with respect to strength, ductility, color (opaqueness), viscosity, chemical resistance, stiffness and stability due to extended exposure to heat and oxygen.

  • Totally self-contained - eliminates hassle of handling tanks of nitrogen
  • Internal membrane generates nitrogen from standard plant compressed air
  • -75 F Dew point Nitrogen displaces oxygen and circulates through hopper
  • No danger from nitrogen release
  • 10-50 degree higher drying temps reduce exposure time to heat
  • Available starting May 2018 - depending on model
  • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Desiccant-free drying of all thermoplastics
  • Standard process temperature up to 350 F
  • Dew point meter
  • Over-temperature indicator

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