Mini Puller-Cutters

3" x 12" or 3" x 20" Traction Belts with 1" Rotary Knife Cutter

The Bessemer Series MINI Puller-Cutters are mounted on a single or separate bases and include either one or two 7" color touch screen PLC controls. Extrudate can be fed to the 1" rotary knife cutter, to a larger cutter or rolled onto a coiler.

  • Mini puller with 3" wide traction belts to feed 1" rotary knife cutter
  • Puller and cutter on same or separate bases
  • Both units controlled by a single, full-featured, 7" color touch screen PLC - separate controls available.
  • Puller utilizes a helical bevel gear reducer for reduced energy consumption and lower heat generation
  • Puller speeds from 7 to 325 ft./minute
  • Cutter operates in either continuous or on-demand mode utilizing encoder, optical sensor or timer
  • Cutter continuous mode produces up to 8000 CPM (2-blades) or 300 CPM in On-demand mode (1-blade)
  • Isopropyl alcohol reservoirs automatically feed lubricant to blade wipe and bushing
  • Industry's ONLY 5-Year warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership.
  • Several options available
  • Easily change a wide variety of blades

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