Bessemer NVT-6 & NVT-3 Modular Stainless Steel Vacuum Tanks

12” x 12” Vacuum Cooling Tanks With 5.5” OD Capacity and 8” x 8” Vacuum Cooling Tanks With 3” OD Capacity

These patent pending modular vacuum tanks provide processors with new choices for stainless steel vacuum tanks. Modular 6‘ long, in-stock, sections will used to produce vacuum tanks up to 18'. This will greatly improve delivery and reduce costs. The NVT Series tanks are equipped with an impressive array of standard features to meet most requirements and there multiple standard options are easily added to meet special requirements.

  • Modular vacuum tank made of 304 stainless steel with bronze fittings.
  • Non-corrosive materials used in all wetted areas including all plumbing.
  • Dial Temperature indicator on each sealed tank section
  • Flood cooling with ball valve control on each sealed tank section.
  • Three plane adjustment of upper tank
  • Plumbing Cart Equipped with 10x20 or 5x11 Heat Exchanger:
  • Vacuum pump(s): 5 HP Tuthill Kinney Liquid Ring Pumps or 2 HP regenerative blower
  • Sump tank for use with vacuum pumps or Regenerative blowers
  • 2 ea. Stainless Steel Scott recirculating pumps 3/4 and 2 HP
  • R-L extrusion orientation and set at 42 inch extrusion height with a +/- 2 inch adjustment capability
  • Drip pans mounted to tank entrance and exit
  • Height adjustment manual with +/- 2" of adjustment capability (2 places).
  • Heavy duty painted steel frame with casters and floor leveling screws.
  • Includes turbo disk filter with bypass turbo disk filter
  • Stainless Roller Shafts with thumbscrew height adjustment
  • SS brazed plate heat exchanger
  • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership