Vacuum tanks in 3’, 5’ and 8’ lengths designed specifically for medical extrusions

8" W” x 6”D Vacuum cooling tanks with 1.5” OD capacity - 3,5 and 8 foot lengths

These tanks include standard features that no other medical extrusion tanks have to ensure that medical extrusions are made within the desired tolerances and with cleanability features that ensure no contamination during the process.

  • Full 5-Year warranty for lowest cost of ownership
  • Most popular lengths – 3, 5 and 8 feet
  • Tank width 8” and tank depth is 6”
  • For extrusions up to 1.5” in diameter
  • All 316 stainless steel
  • Every water contact surface is electro-polished
  • All corners rounded ease of cleaning and wipe down
  • Elimination of as many threaded fasteners as possible
  • Tri-clover fittings for ease of cleaning
  • Glass lids to prevent scratching and warping
  • Unique re-circulation system with an upper reservoir, a vacuum reservoir below that and the water pump below those to minimize cavitation and for ease of flushing
  • Total closed loop vacuum control
  • Standard UV filter and .05 micron filter to remove dead germ bodies
  • Programmable precise positioning of tank for home, stringing up and hot-gap placement
  • Clear, tank-mounted touch screen control with recipe storage and selection
  • Hand-held tablet for use in conjunction with tank— mounted control