• COMM Communication Modules
    ProfiBus, Modem/ModBus, & Ethernet

    Communications Modules add valuable features to NovaTouch™ Dryer and Conveying Controls

    • Profibus: Part# COM-1P
    • Modem/Modbus: Part# COM-1MB
    • Ethernet: Part# COM-1ETH
    • Ethernet/IT: Part# COM-2ETH

  • OptiFlex Central Drying Hopper System Control
    Control up to 3 Central Dryers and up to 48 Central Drying Assembly Hoppers

    The OptiFlex (OFX) Central Drying Hopper Control utilizes a 10.4” color touch screen which communicates with all components of the central drying system (heaters, sensors, switches, etc.). The OptiFlex is configurable and expandable for use with up to 3 central dryers and up to 48 drying hoppers with the addition of OFMX I/O panels.

    • 10.4" Color Touch Screen with Intuitive Icons
    • Configurable and Expandable
    • Remote Opti-FlexXpand Modules Add Capabilities
    • Central Control and Monitoring

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