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Effective Date October 2, 2018

NOVATEC, INC. offers COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT WARRANTIES on all of our plastics auxiliary equipment. We warrant each NOVATEC manufactured product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service for the periods listed under “Warranty Periods”. The obligation of Novatec, under this warranty, is limited to repairing or furnishing, without charge, a similar part to replace any part which fails
under normal use due to a material or workmanship defect, within its respective warranty period. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to provide Novatec with immediate written notice of any such suspected
defect. Warranted replacement parts are billed and shipped freight pre-paid. The purchaser must return the suspect defective part, freight prepaid and with identifying documentation to receive full credit for the part
returned. Novatec shall not be held liable for damages or delay caused by defects. No allowance will be made for repairs or alterations without the written consent or approval of Novatec.

The provisions in equipment specifications are descriptive, unless expressly stated as warranties. The liability of Novatec to the purchaser, except as to title, arising out of the supplying of the said equipment, or its use, whether based upon warranty, contract or negligence, shall not in any case exceed the cost of correcting defects
in the equipment as herein provided. All such liability shall terminate upon the expiration of said warranty periods. Novatec shall not in any event be held liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages.
Commodities not manufactured by Novatec are warranted and guaranteed to Novatec by the original manufacturer and then only to the extent that Novatec is able to enforce such warranty or guaranty. Novatec, Inc. has not authorized anyone to make any warranty or representation other than the warranty contained here. Nonpayment of invoice beyond 90 days will invalidate the warranty. A renewed warranty can be purchased directly from Novatec.

Please note that we always strive to satisfy our customers in whatever manner is deemed most expedient to overcome any issues in connection with our equipment.

Warranty Periods:

Note: All warranty periods commence with the shipment of the equipment to the customer.

5-Year (Except 1-Year on Non-Novatec Buy-Out Items)

Resin Drying to Include

NovaWheel™ Dryers *
Dual Bed Dryers
NovaDrier *
NDM-5 Membrane Dryer
Gas-Fired Process Heaters
Gas-Fired Regeneration Heaters
Drying Hoppers
Central Drying Hopper Assemblies
Heater/Blower Units and Hot-Air Dryer
Silo Dehumidifiers
NovaVac Dryers *
Nitrodry Nitrogen Dryers
DryTemp Plus

Central System Controls to Include

FlexTouch™ Series Controls
FlexXpand™ Series Controls
OptiFlex™ Series Controls
PLC Communications Modules
Greenboard Communications Modules
MCS-600 Series Controls – (Distributed I/O)
MCS-400 Series Controls
CL Silo Manager

Moisture Measurement Equipment to Include


PET Resin Crystallizers

Resin Blending and Feeding to Include

WSB Blenders, MaxiBatch & Feeders *
Gaylord Sweeper Systems

Downstream Extrusion Equipment to Include

C and NC Bessemer Series Cutters
NPS Bessemer Series Pullers
NPC Mini Puller/Cutter
All NS Series Servo Saws
All Cooling and Vacuum Tanks Manufactured by Novatec

Resin Conveying and Systems Components to Include

GSL Series Vacuum Loaders
GlassVu Loaders, Receivers and Hoppers
VL/VLP Series Loaders
VRH, VR, VR-FL, VRP & VRM Series Receivers
Compressed Air Loaders
AL-B Barrel Loader
Cyclone Dust Collectors
Conveying System Accessories
Surge Bins
Valves and Accessories
Electronic Metal Separators
Quick Select Manifolds
Tilt Tables
Filter Dust Collectors
Drawer Magnets
Velocity Control Valves


Resin Conveying System Components to Include

** VPDB Vacuum Positive Displacement Pumps
** SVP Vacuum Pumps
** MVP Vacuum Pumps
** Railcar Unloading Systems

**5-Year Extended Warranty – When a MachineSense® data plan is activated for products with **, Novatec automatically extends the warranty to 5 years. The data plan must be activated within 60 days after product shipment, and remain active through the warranty period to maintain extended warranty eligibility. The first 6-months of data plan usage is free from Novatec.


Infrared Dryers
UltraVac Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Regenerative Blower Pumps
Custom Equipment of any kind unless otherwise specified


Routine maintenance/replacement parts are excluded from the warranty. These include, but are not limited to: hoses, desiccant, filters, filter elements, wiper seals, gaskets, dew point sensors, infrared lamps, motors, internal solenoids, fuses and motor brushes. Use with abrasive materials will void the warranty of any standard product. Wear resistant options may be available to extend usable service life with abrasive materials. Novatec reserves the right to limit the warranty if the customer installs replacement parts that do not meet the specifications of the
original parts supplied by Novatec.

*Specific Exclusions:

  1. NovaDrier™ and NITROdry™ warranty is void if coalescing filters are not replaced on a 6-month or yearly basis (per instruction manual) and/or membrane has been exposed to ozone.
  2. NovaVac Dryer -The ability of the canisters to hold vacuum will be compromised if the vacuum seal edge is damaged from mishandling. We do not warranty canisters damaged from improper handling. We do, however, warranty the seals.
  3. LOAD CELLS on our WSB’s are covered by Novatec standard warranty as long as they have not been damaged from improper handling.
  4. Desiccant Wheel Warranty will be void if the wheel has been exposed to plasticizer, dust or other contaminants as a result of negligence on the part of the processor.
  5. DryTemp+ – We assume no responsibility from equipment failures resulting from untreated or improperly treated water.

This warranty shall not apply to equipment:

  1. Repaired or altered without written approval of NOVATEC unless such repair or alteration was, in our judgment, not responsible for the failure.
  2. Which has been subject to misuse, negligence, accident or incorrect wiring by others.
  3. Warranty is void if processing rates exceed manufacturer-recommended levels or if damage is caused by
    ineffective power isolation and/or power spikes/sags or incorrect installation.

NOTE: All conditions and content of this warranty are subject to changes without notice