• NW-C & NWPG-C Central Dryer Series
    600-5000 lb/hr (273-2272 kg/hr)

    Central Drying and Conveying Systems reduce operating costs, increase production, improve product quality and produce excellent returns on investment. Dry multiple material using only one central drying source for dry air.

    • Reduces Energy Consumption
    • Saves Valuable Floor Space
    • Reduces Waste and Quality Issues
    • Proven Quick Return on Investment

  • CDA Central Drying Assemblies
    60 to 2500lb (27kg – 1136kg)

    The CDAB/CDA Series Central Drying Assemblies are used to custom-dry different resins in varying quantities. Each unit includes a Hopper, Stand with 24” clearance, Heater/Blower and Control Package to assure balanced system airflow. The CDAB models have bolted frame assemblies and the CDA units have welded frames and continue to be available in any size.

    • Completely Assembled for Easy Installation
    • Well-Equipped Insulated Hoppers
    • Process Temperature up to 350° F. (177° C)
    • Standard Temperature Setback or Active Drying Energy Saving Package

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