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Central Plastics Dust Collectors

The Importance of Plastics Dust & Fines Collection

Plastics Dust and Plastic Fines are generated in every Central Plastics Conveying System. Plastic pellets are moving through material lines and elbows at high rates of speed and it is inevitable that dust will be created and some small chunks of pellets will also be generated.

These are called “fines”. Some of these materials are sucked up into the air lines despite the filters in receivers and if they are allowed to continue on to the vacuum pump a pump failure can occur, causing a production delay and possibly replacement of an expensive piece of equipment. Yes, vacuum pumps do have canister filters built in, but those are not designed to collect high volumes of materials, just the stuff that gets past the initial dust collector. These collectors of plastics dust and fines are typically a cyclone type design that slows the airflow down just enough to allow the plastics dust and fines to drop out of the airstream into a collection pan or even a large open drum with a skirt around it. When plastics materials are really dusty, like when you are conveying plastics regrind or when powders are being conveyed, a Filter Plastics Dust Collector is desirable. This design employs either bag filters or, better yet, Teflon Coated Filter Cartridges with a large catch pan underneath.