Material Selection and ID

Plastics Conveying Selection Manifolds

Central Plastics Conveying Systems are advantageous when you are conveying plastics resins from one source to multiple destinations or from multiple sources to one or more destinations. In these cases, there must be some way to direct any given material to the desired destination and a plastics materials selection manifold is the most common way of accomplishing that. This is important to ensure that a material is not directed to the wrong destination, which can result in huge losses of material and production time if parts are molded from the wrong material.

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There are automatic solutions that are very costly and can create major manufacturing delays if they malfunction. The most commonly used plastics materials selection manifolds are either an open array of manifolds or a closed array of manifolds. In either case, the connections from material source to material destination is made manually. But, with the closed manifold, there is an Auto Identification system that will verify whether the correct source-to-destination connection has been made (through a PLC) and if the connection has not been made properly, the PLC will not allow material to flow. Many processors with Central Plastics Conveying Systems have found this Auto I.D. Quick Select Manifold to be an effective way to reduce material loss.

QSM Quick Selection Material Manifold

1.5" - 3" I.D. Material Lines with Optional Auto ID

Product Description

Expandable material manifold directs multiple materials to multiple destinations.


    • Upright Manifold for Efficient Purge of Material Lines
    • Modular, Expandable Design
    • Self-Sealing, Auto-Lock Connection
    • Auto-ID Verifies Actual Hose Connection Matches Control Set-up
    • Available with Proven, Affordable Source-to-Destination Auto-ID Proofing
    • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
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