Vacuum Receivers

Use of Vacuum Receivers

Vacuum Receivers are an integral part of any Central Plastics Conveying System. They are often referred to as Vacuum Chambers or Vacuum Stations or just Stations. It doesn’t really matter how many Vacuum Receivers or “stations” there are in a system.

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There could be one or there could be 200. As long as one or more central vacuum pumps are used to provide vacuum to transfer plastics, a Vacuum Receiver is used instead of a Vacuum loader. The Plastics Conveying Central Control is programmed by the processor to determine the load and dump times as well as the number of blowback blasts included in each sequence – if the blowback option is included. Vacuum Receivers are typically used in a Central Plastics Conveying Systems to transfer plastic pellets, regrind or powders from a material source to destinations like Surge Bins, Drying Hoppers, Blender Bins or directly to the throat of a processing machine. So, some are called Powder Receivers and others are called Machine-Mount Receivers. The ebb and flow of vacuum to draw resin through the material lines into the Vacuum Receiver is controlled by either a Station T valve or an “external fill valve” built into the lid of the Vacuum Receiver.


VRM-R Vacuum Receivers- Modular with Removable Lids

10-100 lb Capacity (4.5-45 Kg)

Product Description

VRM-R Series Receivers provide transfer of plastic pellets and regrind using centralized vacuum pumps and controls-now with replaceable material inlets and vacuum stubs.


    • Stainless Steel body
    • Quick Release clamps for easy access
    • Bolt-on material inlets and vacuum stubs allow re-purposing of unit
    • Material Inlet Deflector/Check Valve
    • Local On/Off Switch and LED
    • Available as filter-less and machine-mount models
    • Dump Valve with integrated level switch
    • Tangential material inlet reduces wear
    • 5-YEAR Warranty for lowest cost of ownership
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VRM-H Vacuum Receivers - Modular with Hinged Lids

10 lb - 100 lb. (4.5-45 kg) capacity

Product Description

Increase worker safety during clean-out or filter change with hinged lids. VRM-H Series receivers feature a hinged lid with an external fill valve and provide transfer of plastic pellets and regrind using centralized vacuum pumps and controls - now with replaceable material inlets and external fill valves.


    • Hinged lid provides safety when changing material or cleaning the filter
    • Bolt-on Inlets and External Fill Valves allow unit to be easily re-purposed
    • Tangential Material Inlet provides protection to material and receiver walls
    • Local On/Off Switch and LED for easy ON/OFF
    • Stainless Steel Construction for long life
    • 5-Year Warranty for lowest cost of ownership
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VR Series Vacuum Receivers

5 to 114 lb (2.2 to 52 Kg) Capacity

Product Description

VR Series receivers provide transfer of plastic pellets and regrind using centralized vacuum pumps and controls. Standard models are designed for flange mounting to existing bins or hoppers. Vacuum "T" sequencing valves, sold separately, are required for each receiver when multiple receivers are used in a system.


    • Stainless Steel Body
    • Modular Design, Quick-Release Clamps
    • Material Inlet Deflector/Flapper Check Valve
    • Tangential Material Inlet
    • Dump Valve With Integrated Level Switch
    • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
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VRH Series Hinged Vacuum Receiver

12 to 76 lb (5 to 34 Kg) Capacity (Based on 38 lb/cubic ft material density)

Product Description

The VRH Series receiver features a hinged lid with external fill valve and adjustable mount for easy inlet-to-hinge orientation and quick hands-free access to filter for maintenance and clean-out. Stainless steel construction and many additional features make the VRH a perfect choice for plastic pellet and regrind transfer using centralized vacuum pumps and controls.


    • Hinged Lid with Adjustable Mount.
    • Local On/Off Switch to Conveniently Pause Material for Changeout.
    • Stainless Steel Body Provides Non-ferrous Material Contact Surface.
    • Modular Design with Quick-release Clamp, Easily Rotate Hinge Location - No Tools Required.
    • 5-Year for Lowest Cost of Ownership
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Filterless Vacuum Receivers and Filterless Vacuum Receivers with Hinged Lid

VR-FL Series: 12-114 lb capacities (5.4-52 Kg) VRH-FL Series 12-76 lb capacities (5.4-34.5 Kg)

Product Description

NOVATEC filterless vacuum receivers are available with standard, removeable lids. These are used with separate Station T valves. The filterless VRH models have hinged lids with a built-in station valve to separate the material from the air flow.


    • Use cyclonic action to separate material from the airstream
    • No more filter cleaning or replacement
    • Stainless steel body is scratch resistant and non ferrous
    • Modular design for quick clean out when changing materials
    • Tangential material inlet reduces material degradation
    • Dump valve with integrated level switch
    • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
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VRP Series Powder Receivers

12 to 76 lb. (5.5 to 34.5 kg) Capacity

Product Description

VRP Series Powder Receivers are extremely effective for the transfer of dusty regrind and powders using centralized vacuum pumps and controls. Spun bond polyester filter elements are washable allowing for years of use with simple cleaning and occasional washing and air dry.


    • Stainless Steel Modular Construction
    • Effectively Loads Powders Down to 1 Micron
    • Easy Access to Interior
    • Internal Material Deflector/Flapper Check Valve with Seal
    • Air Evacuation Sub-base
    • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
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