• Bulk Plastics Materials Storage and Handling

    Almost any Plastics Conveying System requires inclusion of Plastics Bulk Storage as well as Bulk Plastics Materials Loading and

  • SW Series Sweeper System
    1.5" – 2.5" (40-75cm) Material Lines

    The Sweeper™ automatically unloads material from bulk boxes without human intervention.

    • Automatic Material Removal
    • Reduces Labor and Waste
    • Small Footprint
    • Empties Entire Gaylord

  • TT Series Tilt Table
    2500: 2,500 lb. (1135 kg) Rating

    Tilt table with floor level platform to automatically tilt gaylord to one corner allowing continuous evacuation of material.

    • Automatic Container Tilting
    • Hand Operated Control

  • MSB Series Modular Surge Bins
    30-70 cubic ft (850-1980 liters)

    MSB Series Surge Bins provide expandable material storage space and can be integrated into a central conveying system. They can be shipped assembled or unassembled.

    • Basic Surge Bin Can Be Easily Expanded
    • Powder Coated Carbon Steel - inside and out
    • 60° Cone Design

  • SB Series Surge Bins
    100-458 Ft.3 (2832- 12969 liters)

    SB Series Surge Bins are sized according to their usable volume and not “air” capacity. Each bin is constructed of rugged carbon steel, cleaned thoroughly on the inside and sandblasted/enamel painted on the outside. Standard features include hi/low sight glasses, hi/low couplings for level sensing, an inspection hatch and a 12” hole/bolt pattern for a Novatec loader or receiver.

    • Rugged Construction
    • 20” Discharge Clearance
    • Available in 45º or 60º Cone Designs

  • Silo Storage
    1,600-15000 ft3 (45,000-424,700 liters) Storage Capacity

    Storage silos are an integral part of any large material conveying system. Always having material available and the ability to purchase material in bulk minimizes waste and opens up valuable floor space.

    • Welded, Bolted or Corrugated Silos
    • Large Capacity Range with many Accessories Available
    • Custom System Design and Integration

  • RCU Railcar Unloading System
    15-75 Hp (11-56 kW)

    Railcar unloading systems and storage silos are an integral part of any large materials conveying system. Piping, loading and manifold systems are required to complete a rail car unloading system. Standard and custom configurations are available to accommodates the needs of your plant material handling system and budget.

    • Powerful Push-Pull Systems
    • Continuous Automatic Operation
    • Single end Dual Blower Models
    • Designed for Your Application

  • EMS Electronic Metal Separator
    2" & 3" (50 & 75mm) Throats

    Removes both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from material flow at the machine throat.

    • Effectively Removes All Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals
    • Venturi-driven Vacuum Reject Mechanism
    • No 'Blind Spot' in Rejection Cycle
    • Specifically Made to Work With Choked Feed Throats

  • DM Series Drawer Magnet
    Low Profile Design

    The DM Series Drawer Magnets provide collection of ferrous metals with a rugged metal chamber which is typically match drilled and bolted directly to processing machine throat.

    • Efficient Removal of Ferrous Metal
    • Low Profile Design… Standard
    • High Heat Models Available
    • Easy, On-The-Fly, Cleaning

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