Self Contained Loaders

Use of Vacuum Loaders

Self-contained Vacuum Loaders are called by several names. They may be called Loaders, Hopper Loaders, Bin loaders, Plastics Loaders, Pellet Loaders, Regrind Loaders, Powder Loaders or Motor Loaders.

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They all have an integral motor that creates a vacuum to convey plastic resin (in some form) from a nearby bulk container something like a drying hopper or blender bin. The pickup of the plastic material is usually accomplished by an aluminum or stainless steel tube, called a pickup wand, which is connected to a relatively short piece of flex hose attached to the vacuum loader. A small electro-mechanical control, usually ate the end of a pendant is set to manage load time, dump time and blowback (if that option is available). The loader motors may be of a brush type or “brushless”. The brushes only lasy about 350 hours so they have to be changed ( additional maintenance) and after about 4 brush changes, the commutator is usually worn out so the whole motor has to be replaced. As the several monikers for loaders imply, they are used to convey plastic pellets, plastic powders and plastic regrind.

GSL Series Brushless Vacuum Loader

12 and 19 lb (5.5 & 8.6 kg) Capacity

Product Description

Tired of changing brushes, constantly cleaning loader filters and having load failures because of pellets getting stuck between the throat and the flapper valve? The GSL Series Loader solves all of these plastics conveying problems and more! Plus, brushless loader motors last 4 to 5 times as long as motors with brushes!


    • Full 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
    • Double Pivot Access
    • Full-featured, Plug-In Control With Pendant Is Standard
    • Patented Design (Patent # 8,753,432 & 8,070,844)
    • SureSeal Flapper Valve Avoids Loading Failures
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VL Series Vacuum Loader

1.5 to 38 lb. (0.7 to 17 kg) Capacity

Product Description

VL Series Loaders provide self-contained, vacuum transfer of plastic pellets and regrinds, from material source to a hopper or bin, over moderate distances using powerful single-phase vacuum motors. Standard models are designed for flange mount to existing bins or hoppers. Machine Mount models in several sizes. Machine Mount packages provide a quick disconnect glass tube base with integrated vacuum flapper.


    • Stainless Steel Body
    • Remote-mount Mini PLC Control
    • "No-Load" Alarm and Silencer Button
    • Automatic Pulse Blowback Filter Cleaning with Accumulator Minimizes Dust Buildup
    • Modular Design for Easy Access
    • 5-Year warranty (Excludes motor, brushes and filter)
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GlassVuā„¢ Series Loader

10 lb. (4.6 kg) Capacity

Product Description

Modular, self-contained loader provides vacuum transfer of plastic pellet and regrind to blender hoppers and bins.


    • Full View Loading for Easy Setup & Monitoring
    • Built-in Microprocessor Control
    • Easy Access and Cleaning
    • Flawless Evacuation
    • Convenient Installation
    • Flat Bottom Design
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VLP Series Powder Loader

5 to 38 lb. (2.2 to 17 kg) Capacity

Product Description

The VLP Series Powder Vacuum Loaders are extremely effective in conveying dusty regrind and powders from material source to a hopper, bin or processing machine. The spun bond polyester filter elements are washable for years of use with only simple cleaning and an occasional washing and air dry.


    • Stainless Steel Modular Construction
    • Effectively Loads Powders Down to 1 Micron
    • Easy Access to Interior
    • Internal Material Deflector/Flapper Check Valve with Seal
    • Remote Mount Mini LOGO! Control
    • "No-Load" Alarm and Silence Button
    • Machine Mount Models Available
    • 5-Year Warranty (Excludes motor, brushes and filters)
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AL Series Compressed Air Loader

Transfer Rates up to 500 lb./hr. (230 kg/hr.)

Product Description

Reduce labor and resin waste with self-contained, ready-to-install, loading systems.


    • Rugged Construction
    • Simple Operation
    • Adjustable - Height Photo-Eye Sensor
    • Base Plate Included
    • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
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AL-B Drum/Barrel Loader

Transfers up to 500 lb./hr.

Product Description

This Drum Loader can be used to evacuate material from a granulator, surge bin or bulk box for storage. The drum can be transferred to a different point of use, or the arriving material can be simultaneously transferred to a process machine or blender, using a wand and vacuum loader.


    • Quiet-operating air loader moves material efficiently from one container to another
    • Accommodates barrels up to 38" H x 25" dia.
    • Use standard ON/OFF control or optional timer
    • Prox type demand sensor can be used at the barrel to stop loading when full
    • Adjustable air amplifier allows fine-tuning of material flow rate.
    • Add optional pick-up wand, flex hose and vacuum loader to transfer material from drum to process machine or blender
    • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
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