• NPH & PGH* Series Drying Hopper
    15 – 18000 lb. (7-8165 kg.) Capacity 375 – 474 ft. 3 (10.6 –13,422 liters) * Based on polycarbonate pellets @ 38 lb./ft 3

    All Novatec insulated drying hoppers are designed for dehumidification of plastic resins. The NPH and PGH Series Insulated Drying Hoppers feature a rail for hopper mounted heaters, slide-gate shut-off, drain and an elongated sight glass (except Model NPH 15 and 30).

    • Stainless Steel Construction on all Hoppers to 150 lb.(68 kg.), Carbon Steel on Larger Models with Optional Stainless Steel Construction Available
    • Elongated Sight Glass (except on NPH 15 and 30)
    • Large Access Door with 1 or 2 Round Sight Glasses (except NPH-15) for Easy Clean-Out
    • Slide-gate Shutoff and Drain
    • Double Walls with Insulation

  • HB Series Heater/ Blower Unit
    15 – 750 cfm (25.2 – 1274 m³/hr)

    When drying non-hygroscopic materials, the HB works alone to provide air and heat to drive surface moisture off resin in a single drying hopper. Mounted directly to the drying hopper, the HB reduces floor space requirements and eliminates energy loss.

    • Removes Surface Moisture from Non-Hygroscopic Materials
    • Compact Design
    • High Heat with Consistent Air Flow

  • DM Series Drawer Magnet
    Low Profile Design

    The DM Series Drawer Magnets provide collection of ferrous metals with a rugged metal chamber which is typically match drilled and bolted directly to processing machine throat.

    • Efficient Removal of Ferrous Metal
    • Low Profile Design… Standard
    • High Heat Models Available
    • Easy, On-The-Fly, Cleaning

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