Membrane: Compressed Air and Nitrogen

Membrane Dryers vs. Compressed Air Dryers

You cannot depend on “hit and miss” drying tactics and expect to produce high quality molded plastic parts.It is easy to get confused about the differences between Membrane Dryers for Drying Plastics and Compressed Air Dryers for Drying Plastics. There are a couple of big differences. For one thing, compressed air dryers typically reduce the dew point of the the incoming air by only 10 to 20 degrees F. That means if the incoming air is at a 40 degree dew point, your plastic pellets will only see “drying air” with a 20 or 30 degree dew point, despite the fact that resin manufacturers specify that most resins be dried by -40 degree dew point air.

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That means that in some geographic areas where it is typically humid, these compressed air dryers will not work very well at all.In climates that are typically dry in the winter but often humid during summer months, the compressed air dryer may work OK during the winter but have to be shut down during humid times in the Spring, Summer and Fall on humid days.

Compressed air dryers with a membrane produce -40 degree plastics drying air 24/7/365 regardless of the outdoor humidity.

The other big difference is the comparison of operating costs. Plain compressed air dryers use about 3 times as much compressed air as membrane dryers with a built-in membrane. Even compressed air dryers with add-on membranes use about 2.5 times as much compressed air as membrane dryers with built-in membranes.

You may save some money on the initial purchase of a compressed air dryer or one with an add-on membrane BUT your operating costs will be so much lower with the built-in membrane dryer that over a 10-year period, you will save 10′s of thousands of dollars to dry your plastic resins.


NovaDrier™ Membrane Resin Dryer

7-200 lb/hr (3-90 kg/hr)

Product Description

The patented, exclusive air flow design and proprietary membrane guarantees -40° dew point process air year round and uses 1/3 the compressed air of comparable, similar models.


    • Constant -40° Dew Point Process Air
    • Uses Less Compressed Air Than Conventional Compressed Air Dryers or Add-On Membrane Models
    • Desiccant Free Operation
    • New, Easy-To-Use Control
    • -25 and up are also available as Portable Dry/Convey models complete with machine mount receiver, hopper loader hose, pick-up wand, stand and casters.
    • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
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NDN Series NITROdry Nitrogen Dryers 7-50 lb/hr capacity (3-23 Kg/hr)

Product Description

The patented NITROdry resin dryer provides processors with a new, oxygen-free tool to avoid degradation of nylons, PBT, PLA and TPU’s that is the result of prolonged exposure to heat in the presence of oxygen. The first, self-contained, oxygen-free dryer is ideal for press-side drying of newly designed polymers with unique properties. These materials can suffer degradation of performance with respect to strength, ductility, color (opaqueness), viscosity, chemical resistance, stiffness and stability due to extended exposure to heat and oxygen.


    • Totally self-contained - eliminates hassle of handling tanks of nitrogen
    • Internal membrane generates nitrogen from standard plant compressed air
    • -75 F Dew point Nitrogen displaces oxygen and circulates through hopper
    • No danger from nitrogen release
    • 10-50 degree higher drying temps reduce exposure time to heat
    • Available starting May 2018 - depending on model
    • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
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NovaDrier™ Medical NDM-5 Membrane Resin Dryer

1-5 lb./hr (.45-2.2 kg/hr.)

Product Description

The NovaDrier is the most popular small resin dryer on the market and proven to dry ALL thermoplastic resins. With no moving parts maintenance is minimal and conventional compressed air dryers can’t match the drying performance as they never attain a -40° dew point and use up to 3X as much compressed air as the NovaDrier. Desiccant bed dryers can’t match the low-maintenance reliability


    • Desiccant-free Membrane Drying of ALL Resins
    • Package Includes 12' Pendant, Microprocessor Control, Dewpoint Meter, 20 lb. Stainless Steel Hopper and HEPA Filter
    • No Moving Parts
    • Machine Mount Operation
    • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
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Membrane Dryers

CAMD Series With Glass Hoppers 1 lb. to 2.7 lb. capacity and CAFM Series With SS Hoppers up to 30 lb. capacity

Product Description

These dryers utilize compressed air combined with our membrane to guarantee a dew point of -49° F.


    • Simple Operation
    • For tough-to-dry materials like PET, Isoplast and Ultems.
    • -49°F Dew Point Drying after starting with plant compressed air
    • Controls include process and actual temperatures and a high temperature alarm
    • 70°F - 350°F (21°C -175°C) without the need for after-coolers
    • Glass Hoppers up to 2.7 lb. capacity or SS Hoppers up to 30 lb. capacity
    • Glass Hoppers have integral heater to ensure proper drying
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CAHM Compressed Air/Membrane Dryers

CAHM Dryers are provided with either 30 lb. or 60 lb. capacity hoppers

Product Description

CAHM series are compact, lightweight dryers that can easily fit on most machine throats, freeing up valuable floor space. The CAHM series operate on your plant’s compressed air and includes membrane for process air down to –49° F dew point.


    • Easily mounted on process machine throat
    • Simple operation; just set the temperature and dry
    • Compressed air drying supplemented by membrane for -49 degree dew point
    • Insulated stainless steel hopper standard
    • ADC Controller includes dew point monitor, high temperature alarm and shutdown, 7-day timer, alarm history and thermocouple alarms.
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