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Finally, Your Dryers Can Be Automatically Controlled Based On Real-Time Moisture Data!

Say Goodbye to Inaccurate & Wasteful Time-Based Drying


The capacitive-based sensor array package is housed on the nose of the DryerGenie pick-up lance.


Internal pressure sensors & gyroscopic sensors compensate for irregular fill.


Ambient humidity & temperature sensors predict the rate of moisture change within the resin due to external conditions.


DryerGenie Pricing

DryerGenie Pays Itself Off In Less Than 3 Weeks!




One Time Purchase


Software Subscription


Based on Annual Agreement

Changing The Paradigm Of Inaccurate & Unnecessary Time-Based Drying

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DryerGenie is a new way to guarantee your resin pellets are dried perfectly in the least amount of time. It consists of a replacement pick-up lance which houses an advanced moisture measurement sensor array system along with upgraded software for your dryer’s onboard processor that utilizes specialized algorithms to analyze the moisture data in real-time before the drying process begins and then automatically optimizes your dryer’s parameters for the most perfectly dried parts in the shortest amount of time.

DryerGenie solves the missing variable in your resin drying process by analyzing the moisture content of your pellets in a PPM basis at the start of the drying process so you can save energy, make parts that are never under-dried or over-dried, and increase your daily part production by not having to follow the antiquated constraints of the manufacturer’s estimated dry time.

No, DryerGenie is available on all 2016 and up Novatec dryers.

Please contact your rep to see if DryerGenie is available for your dryers.

Installation of DryerGenie is easy and simple. DryerGenie replaces your existing pick-up lance with an upgraded lance that possesses an advanced capacitance sensor array system.

Installation entails attaching the new DryerGenie lance to your dryer’s vacuum hose. DryerGenie also utilizes an upgraded software system that possesses specialized algorithms. Installation is fast and hassle-free.

DryerGenie consists of hardware, which is a one-time purchase of $2,500 as well as a cloud software system, which costs $18.99/month.

DryerGenie consists of a sensor array system that houses numerous sensors such as capacitive liquid sensors, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, accelerometer sensors, and gyroscopic sensors which work in combination with an artificial intelligence processor with specialized algorithms to sense the moisture of your resin on the molecular level in real-time.

This real-time moisture data is then sent to the upgraded DryerGenie software system in your dryer’s onboard processor which automatically adjusts the dryer’s residence dry time, blower speed, and temperature for the most optimized drying process in the least amount of time.