Membrane Dryers

CAMD Series With Glass Hoppers 1 lb. to 2.7 lb. capacity and CAFM Series With SS Hoppers up to 30 lb. capacity

These dryers utilize compressed air combined with our membrane to guarantee a dew point of -49° F.

  • Simple Operation
  • For tough-to-dry materials like PET, Isoplast and Ultems.
  • -49°F Dew Point Drying after starting with plant compressed air
  • Controls include process and actual temperatures and a high temperature alarm
  • 70°F - 350°F (21°C -175°C) without the need for after-coolers
  • Glass Hoppers up to 2.7 lb. capacity or SS Hoppers up to 30 lb. capacity
  • Glass Hoppers have integral heater to ensure proper drying
  • No moving parts means trouble-free operation
  • 110 or 220 volts, 1 phase 60 or 50 cycle
  • Warranty: 5 years on control, 1 year on non- maintenance components